Investment Opportunities Hi-tech

Investment Opportunities Hi-tech

“Anyone can invest in the Startup-Nation”

In the past, the success of the Israeli high-tech sector was reserved to an exclusive community of VCs and a shortlist of wealthy investors, causing the vast majority of exit money to be divided within said community.

Equity crowdfunding allows everyone, within the limits set forth in law, to invest a reasonable, equal sum in the venture you believe in, without breaking a retirement plan or being required to sell a material asset, while some will inevitably turn into a successful exit event.

This is a significant breakthrough on route to democratizing public investments in consideration for shares in the target company. Investors can now decide where to invest their available funds for equity in the target company and join the phenomenal success of the Startup Nation.

Together’s team is comprised of leading individuals, some of whom are world renowned, in the fields of investments, high-tech and crowdfunding.

At Together we locate the most interesting ventures, which we estimate as having the highest chances of success.

Our professional teams examine numerous ventures and companies and select the finest with potential of yielding you, the investor, a handsome return.

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