About us

About us

Discover the remarkable investment prospects offered by Together Company, providing you access to the flourishing Start-Up Nation

Israel a technology superpower

Israel, widely recognized as the Startup Nation, is a global center for innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. Surprisingly, this small State of Israel consistently outperforms many larger nations in producing successful high-tech companies.

In recent years, we have witnessed Israeli companies achieving billion-dollar acquisitions. However, until recently, the opportunity to invest in these high-tech companies and partake in their remarkable success was primarily available to a select group of venture capitalists, including many foreign entities, and angel investors.

Funding for companies and ventures

Democratization of investments in breakthrough companies and ventures

Capital-based investments (investing in exchange for shares in the venture) in leading companies and high-tech ventures enable small and medium-sized investors to invest in interesting start-ups, some of which might eventually end up as a successful exit.

In recent years, we are witnessing a revolution in the investment world taking place in the leading economies in the world, including Israel.

This new opportunity opens the possibility for investors to invest their capital in selected ventures, some of which will become a huge success. You, too, have the choice to be a shareholder in a promising company, by investing and enjoying its success.


For investors

Together connects investors with top Israeli companies and ventures, offering every investor a true opportunity to join the company or venture it finds attractive as an investor and partner.

Our professional and experienced team meets daily with companies and ventures, which under go through a screening and selection process aimed at keeping those with the highest prospects for success and high yield to investors.

For companies

Together is a one-stop-shop for successfully completing significant equity financing, which includes personal and professional guidance before, during and after that campaign.

We have a large database of leading investors that in many instances will participate and invest in ventures before and during the campaign.

Together also offers professional tools for entrepreneurs such as marketing, legal, financial and other, for successfully completing the campaign.

Precisely because of this we established Together

Why invest with us

Together is a unique investment company, established by a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience and involvement in finance, high-tech and equity investments.

Together is supported by a cast of Israel’s leading consultants and mentors in high-tech, finance and investmets.

Together’s goal is to allow everyone access to the success of the Startup Nation and facilitate investments in promising companies and ventures.