Looking to raise investments? WE WANT YOU

Looking to raise investments? <span>WE WANT YOU</span>

If you have a winning team, revolutionary product and excellent market potential, your place is with us” …

Together understands that within the different catigories of finance, investing in technological companies is the fastest growing and has gained significant momentum in recent years. This phenomenon is attributed to technological innovation, ongoing global economic changes in the Western world of low interest rates and legislative changes in many countries allowing a large number of smaller investors to participatate in the success of ventures at the beginning of their careers in exchange for fractional ownership in companies.

Together manages a large pool of potential investors who in many cases participate in pre-round investment projects.

Together is managed by a professional and experienced team in the field of investments and is accompanied by world-renowned consultants and mentors in the field of investments and high tech.

Together is a one stop shop. The companies enjoy the benefit of the masses,  and Together also provides entrepreneurs with a comprehensive and important professional package of services, including: marketing, legal, financial and more for the success of that investment round.

Together selects the companies and ventures with high potential for success and a significant return to the investor. If you meet this requirement, we will be happy to join you with the winning team of Together.

The process of launching a campaign on Together’s platform:

Registration: You will register and briefly tell us about the venture, the team and the market.

Investment committee: Should your company be found suitable we will schedule a meeting with our investment committee comprised of leading professionals. It is paramount that you prepare detailed materials prior to the meeting, including slide deck, business plan and any other relevant information.

Examination: If the investment committee approves your company, we shall conduct a speedy examination of the company to make sure it fits Together’s profile company. Please note this does not constitute due diligence of the company.

Setting financing objectives: After concluding the examination you shall be invited to discuss financing objectives, including amount to be raised, evaluation, term, etc.

Recruiting sophisticated investors: To make the investment process efficient and increase the chances of a successful campaign, ventures found suitable shall be offered an opportunity to present to a group of sophisticated investors prior to launching the campaign. Some of these sophisticated investors shall become leading investors in the campaign.

The campaign: Once the amount, evaluation, term and any other financing condition are defined (and in some cases after having raised some of the amount from sophisticated investors) we finally reach money time … At this stage we launch the crowdfunding campaign on Together’s platform and expose your venture to tens-of-thousands of potential investors, which is the critical stage of raising equity for your venture. It is time to get your hands dirty and reach out to every potential investor who believes in you and may want to invest in your company.

Concluding the campaign: Congratulations! You’ve reached your financing objective and raised significant equity for your venture. Now the hard work begins for building a winning and commercially successful venture and generating a handsome return on investment for the investors who believed in you.

Dear entrepreneur!

If you believe you might just have the next big thing it is time to join Together and efficiently and swiftly launch your financing campaign.

Do you have the next start-up and want to raise money for it and expose it to the public?