Together Mass Investments is committed to providing the maximum experience of using the site to all surfers, and therefore sought to make the site accessible to people with disabilities, in order to facilitate and streamline browsing.

The adjustment was made mainly for the benefit of those who have difficulty using the mouse and / or typing, and who have visual impairments. Among other things, full keyboard navigation was ensured in all components of the site, support for increased zoom and compliance with the contrast requirements, colors and aspect ratio. The fit was tested with various aids such as screens and various devices, including simulations of screen readers and content reading engines.

Recommended browsers for browsers are Chrome in its latest version. The target of accessibility is according to the AA standard.

If you encounter any accessibility problem on the site anyway, we will be happy if you contact us and provide the details of the problem / fault so that we can address it as soon as possible. We apologize in advance.

Details of our contact person responsible for accessibility in the company is Liran Peleg – 09-3726000 / [email protected]

The current accessibility features at the company’s offices include:
Designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities in the on-site parking lot.
Elevators that are easily accessible.
A designated pathway connecting the building’s parking lot to the company’s offices.
Entrance permission is granted for guiding animals that are assisting individuals with disabilities in both the building and the company’s offices.