NY Development Investment in Manhattan

At a prime location on the corner of Mulberry and Grand Street,in the heart of Manhattan, a great investment opportunity awaits . This project comes with approved permits, most of the capital has been raised and the investment term is two years

Type Equity
Domain Real Estate Development
Days Remaining TBD
Minimum Investment

Just imagine that someone has done all of the work for you and all of you have to do is come and reap the rewards.

Most real estate transactions take years – but here you have a one-time opportunity to join a finalized deal which began two years ago, has received all the approvals – and ground-works begin in a month.


The project: From a museum to a cultural and residential center

At the corner of Mulberry and Grand Street, in the heart of the neighbourhood Little Italy in Manhattan, stands the popular Italian-American museum, which draws many tourists from all over the world throughout the year.

Nexus Development, one of the most experienced and qualified real estate development companies in the US, has acquired the rights to rebuild the museum, add a floor of commercial units, and then erect 21 residential units of 1-2 bedroom apartments (not including a living room, as is customary in the US) and finally a four-room penthouse.

The entire project has received all of the required approvals and permits and is being financed by a prominent bank. The company recently received approval to increase the building rights, which means improving conditions for all investors, and an opportunity for a small number of lucky investors to join and take part in the project.

Since the launch of the project two years ago, the constructions plans, construction permit and financing loan, implemented by IDB – Discount Bank New York, have all been approved.  The commercial units have already been sold.  Commencement of ground works is planned for October, immediately after completion of this financing round.

The Opportunity

Mulberry 155 is one of those types of opportunities we love to offer to our investor club: a unique occasion to join a very attractive project – a tourist attraction centrally located in Manhattan that combines residential and commercial units – at the best timing one can ask for.

One and two-bedroom apartment are in very high demand in Manhattan, sell quickly, and are considered to be a very profitable investment. Although usually real estate investments can take many years, here we have the opportunity to invest in a very lucrative development project with a relatively short two-year completion schedule.

These luxury apartments are of the highest of standards, including furniture and appliances. Everything is already signed and ready – come and be part of the success!

The first round of financing was concluded within a short period of time.  The chance to join this second round is limited.  Once the funding goal has been reached, the round will be closed.

This swift investment opportunity comes after the first round of funding was completed two years ago, the bank financing was approved by Discount Bank New York, the commercial units have been sold and the permits were approved and obtained. Just before commencing ground works (in October 2018), additional air rights have been approved, allowing for additional construction and further improvement.

This round of financing is being conducted alongside an increase of the financing loan by Discount bank New York, and we are currently awaiting approval for a further increase in air rights.

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