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Together offers a chance to invest in the largest Global Sports Tech Platform HYPE. They have a portfolio of over 100 promising Sports Tech startups - all selected to work with market-leading Sports Institutions, clubs, and leagues. Their mission is to connect the best startups with top brands and partners in the industry, offering them cutting-edge technology to solve their biggest challanges.

Type Stocks
Category Technology
Minimum Investment 100,000 שח

Matching Sport-Tech companies to the industry

Start-ups from all over the world are waiting for the moment they will break through and succeed in selling their solution to potential customers. This is a long and tedious process that requires patients, hard work and preferably good business connections, which can help connecting a smart technological solution to the needs that arises from the field.

HYPE Sports Innovation has a strong professional relationship with the most leading clubs and leagues worldwide. This enables them to engage promising startups in the field of sports in pilots with those that are looking for urgent solutions to a variety of challenges. Each year, HYPE Sports Innovation launches its GVA programs, which select about 100 startups from over 1,000 who apply.

HYPE Sports Innovation makes the match between the solutions of the selected startups and –the international sports bodies (clubs, leagues, companies, brands). This unique match promotes the startups to rapid commercial success and the sports world to a smarter and more efficient technological future.


The big companies in the world of sports are already there

HYPE Sports Innovation has signed with some of the biggest names in the sports Industry. These companies have realized the potential of the unique service that HYPE Sports Innovation provides them. HYPE Sports Innovation partners include: Paris Saint-Germain FC, BUNDESLIGA (the German league), the France national team (current world champions), NBA and NFL teams, commercial companies such as Under Armor, LULULEMON, major sports broadcasting companies in Europe, 888 and more.

To date, HYPE Sports Innovation has created about 80 partnerships with some of the leading brands and companies in the world.

The collaboration between HYPE Sports Innovation and its’ Partners takes place when The Partners present HYPE with their range of urgent challenges, for example: increasing sales, strengthening the involvement of fans on the field or virtually, branding, management infrastructure, increasing profitability and more. Hype sports will then connect them to the startup with the best technological solution.

Promoting startups towards success

HYPE Sports Innovation operates in a wide range of areas related to the world of sports: solutions specific to clubs and leagues, gaming and ESPORTS, broadcasting solutions, communication and media, motor sports, winter games, achievement sports, fitness and more.

In fact, any mature startup that has a product that can assimilate and work with the sports bodies of HYPE Sports Innovation and integrate into one of these areas, can offer itself to the unique program of the company.

The current GVA program is being held for the second time in a row, and has been approached over the past year by about 1,400 candidates for a lengthy admissions process. Of these, only 102 leading startups were selected, who receive professional and personal guidance that includes support on a variety of levels that HYPE Sports Innovation provides, during and after the program, and helps them present themselves to the clubs and partners HYPE Sports Innovation has.

This targeted exposure significantly increases the start-up’s chances of succeeding and reaching business or strategic collaborations and is a significant leap towards the company’s growth. As mentioned, HYPE Sports Innovation not only takes care of connecting the startups to the relevant sports bodies, but also takes care of professional mentors who will accompany the projects throughout the period and direct them to maximum success in order to achieve the goal.

The Mentors of HYPE Sports Innovation includes executives in the sport world, each and every one in their field, and they accompany the ventures over time. At the end of the program, the startups enjoy, among other things, extensive professional connections in and direct access to investors.

The success of the sports-tech industry

The sports-tech industry is showing accelerated growth in recent years due to a combination of a number of global moves, while in the last five years alone, about $20 billion has been invested in the industry worldwide.

In addition, other areas that have shown dramatic growth in recent years such as: Esports & Gaming or NFTs & Blockchain, are just in their beginning – representing a unique entry point for investors looking for significant leverage opportunities.

Hype Investment benefits:

  • Strategic and unique partnership with the largest companies, organizations and sports clubs in the world.
  • Direct connection between real needs and technological solutions that increases the potential for success.
  • Entry early and on preferential terms to startups that have a high profit potential.
  • Branch professional relationships through mentors from organizations such as UEFA, NFL teams, leading media outlets and more.
  • Proven success from a previous program in which startups have signed collaborations and commercial agreements with leading international brands and clubs.
  • An experienced professional team from fields of sport, high-tech and investments.

What does HYPE Sports Innovation gain from this?

HYPE Sports Innovation owns assets in all the startups it has chosen for the program. Therefore, their interest in success is common to HYPE and the new companies it choose, and they all work for one goal – their selection by the partners.

The business model is based on the company receiving options in each startup according to the value of the startup before entering the program and thus enjoying the potential growth and future success of the venture – even during the program itself.

Why you should join us?

HYPE Sports Innovation is currently in the midst of its second GVA program. 1,400 startups have applied for this program, but after the screening of HYPE and its partners, 102 startups that match the challenges presented by the dozens of clubs, organizations and brands, were selected and signed with HYPE Sports Innovation.

These days, HYPE allows members of the Together Investors Club who understand the potential for success, to join as shareholders in the company, thus holding a stake in the portfolio of more than 100 leading sports-tech companies. It is expected that many of them will advance and provide technological developments that will integrate, grow, and even be acquired by the largest companies, clubs and sports organizations in the world.

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