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Betalin Therapeutics has engineered a unique technique which allows for implantation of insulin secreting cells in diabetic patients. This clever and revolutionary solution can treat diabetic patients and eliminate the need for insulin injections.

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Natural Support Mechanism for the Pancreatic Cells

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases of the 21st century and significantly impacts the quality of life and longevity of diabetics. Diabetic patients are often restricted to a specific diet, monitor their sugar level regularly, and are in need of frequent medications and insulin injections.

To date, patients who require insulin several times a day have no better alternative than self-administering injections. They must have access to the medication and syringes or risk daily life-threatening situations. This has a severe impact on their social and family life.

Past attempts to transplant pancreatic cells in diabetic patients to prompt the production of insulin as needed, have failed.

Betalin is the first to develop a mechanism that maintains and supports an environment for healthy pancreatic cells that have been inserted into the patients’ body. Using a scaffold cultivated from natural biological tissue, it is possible to prolong the life of the “healer cells” inserted to the body and help them function efficiently.

A Unique Idea which is Patented

The work at Betalin implements the innovation devised by Professor Eduardo Mitrani, an expert in developmental biology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Betalin has registered a patent of his conception to incorporate a biological scaffold to support cells.

In contrast to the arbitrary insertion of pancreatic cells into the human body, Betalin’s creative and unique approach is to use a scaffold- also called “micro-pancreas”. Being made of biological tissue it allows the pancreatic cells to survive longer in the body and function at higher and safer levels. The scaffold is sliced into ultra-thin discs, which acts as a safe cushion for the transplantation of healthy pancreatic cells.

The company holds the appropriate registered patents and has received an exclusive license to use and develop Prof. Mitrani’s patent. The company is situated in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, in Jerusalem allowing for expanded flexibility in the performance of research and experimentation. Already in 2021, the company plans to start clinical trials on humans in the UK

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A Clever and Natural Solution

160 million people worldwide are currently dependent on insulin. Successful development of our product will liberate diabetic patients. They will be healed and have the opportunity to lead a normal life.

The implantation of Betalin’s scaffold and pancreatic cells will be performed under local anesthesia in the abdomen or thigh area. Without any complex surgery, or hospitalization. The implanted cells will have immediate contact with the body’s blood system and regulate insulin as needed just like the process occurs in a non-diabetic person.

In short, Betalin’s solution treats diabetes. Our solution is a new strategy that is creative and revolutionary which unchains the patient from daily measurements of glucose levels and emancipates diabetics to be independent and healthy.

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The Benefits of Betalin:

  • A therapy that responds to the needs of hundreds of millions of patients worldwide.
  • A natural and simple solution which is economical and has the potential of enormous savings for health systems worldwide.
  • The concept is patented and solves issues that have heretofore been left unsolved in studies.
  • Designed and run by senior and experienced staff members from a wide range of medical and biotech disciplines.
  • The advisory committee includes two Nobel laureates in Chemistry.
  • A platform that can be used to solve many other medical challenges.
  • Significant financial support from grants and investors which expressed confidence in the company.

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Market Potential

$726 billion was spent by healthcare systems worldwide on diabetic patients in 2017.  426 million patients worldwide were treated. By 2045, it is projected that the number of patients will increase by 47% to 628 million patients. At this point, it is inconceivable how worldwide health systems will be able to cope with that financial burden under the present conditions of therapy.

Betalin’s solution to diabetes will reduce the costs and will offer health systems the capacity to cope with the financial burden of the disease. The scaffold and pancreatic cells transplantation averts the need for glucose tests, insulin syringes, drugs that are sugar level stabilizers and the associated costs. Treating diabetes will eradicate the severe side effects of the disease which is beneficial for the patient and a great savings for the health systems.

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