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"When inovatavive dermatology meets AI technology"
DermaDetect has a groundbreaking dermatological technology that simplifies the process of checking skin diseases for those suffering from skin problems without long waits and without coming to a clinique

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The future is already here: identifying and diagnosing skin disease with your smartphone

Who among us has never suffered from any kind of skin problem? It could be a new beauty mark, pimple, eczema or just local redness – that could interrupt our daily routines and may sometimes even be dangerous. Once we become parents, the problem becomes even more pressing – every scratch and discomfort suffered by our children frustrates both us and them, and forces us to scrounge for a medical specialist appointment as soon as possible.

According to DermaDetect’s vision, already in the near future – long-waiting times will be a thing of the past for medical specialist appointments in order to identify exactly what we or our family are suffering from, and the most appropriate treatment – simply, the identification and diagnosis will be available to us in the palm of the hand!

The app developed by DermaDetect is based on artificial intelligence – which makes the diagnosis of skin diseases more precise, quicker and better – through your smartphone.

The meaning: a change relevant to all of us

The company, under the leadership of the best dermatologists in the world pairing with experienced software engineers and algorithmists, developed a sophisticated tool, the first of its kind, that will be available to the health systems and help shorten the wait for appointment, optimize the distribution of the doctor’s precious time, and provide their policy holders with quicker, better and more precise services. At the same time, the DermaDetect system will allow each of us to receive quick access to immediate diagnosis of any skin problem, through our personal smartphone device, without waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or without investing precious time in visiting the doctor.

The bottom line: DermaDetect’s innovative product will become a basic tool that will also service the health systems around the globe, as well as all of the smartphone users who want to receive a service at the greatest level of comfort and precision – without wasting precious time.

המשמעות שינוי שנוגע בכל אחד מאיתנו

AI Technology 

Artificial intelligence in the medical sector

The technology developed by the company is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and its ability to identify skin diseases with maximum precision, through a picture taken on the smart device in the palm of your hand. The company’s technology sophisticatedly integrates a system for making conclusions and picture analytical systems and the results help precisely identify skin diseases.

The user enjoys an especially quick process – in less than two minutes, after a short AI generated conversation with a “chat-bot” based on a targeted photo of the problem area, the user receives the highest level of diagnosis of the problem with 100% accuracy.

The advantages for people suffering from skin problems:

  • Efficient and immediate diagnosis of skin problems without long waiting times for specialist dermatologists.
  • Immediate treatment plans for the problem if there is no need for prescription medication.
  • Easing stress and worry in cases where the problem is simple to treat.
  • The ability to identify acute problems quickly and treating them before the situation worsens.
  • Preventing unnecessary visits to the dermatologist, if there is no need for prescription medication.
  • Peace of mind due to the precise and fast-response diagnosis.
  • Complete anonymity and avoiding psychological barriers entailed with visiting the clinic.
  • Access to an expert dermatologist from anywhere around the world at any time.

Development of DermaDetect will quickly help solve skin problems, and will prevent wasting precious time and money, as well as the physical and even mental pain often suffered by people with skin problems.

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The advantages for doctors, institutes and health funds:

  • Shortening lines through faster identification of the problem by the doctor.
  • Preventing mistakes in the identification of the disease and preventing repeat visits and patient dissatisfaction.
  • Preventing unnecessary visits to clinics through preliminary filtering.
  • Quick and innovative service for patients.
  • Significant financial savings.

The need: to optimize the health systems around the world


The quick diagnosis provided by DermaDetect will substantially shorten the current treatment process for skin problems (the average waiting time for specialist dermatologists is years in some countries around the world, like China, India, Russia). The possibility to receive treatment guidelines from the system will prevent making unnecessary doctor appointments; the faster and more precise identification process will shorten the visit time to a clinic; and the early diagnosis and precisely personalized treatment will prevent the problem suffered by the patient from exacerbating. Additionally, remote monitoring after giving the initial treatment, will save the patient and the system from repeat visits to the clinic.

For all of these reasons, the savings potential for the health systems that will adopt DermaDetect’s solution is substantial. Currently, about a quarter of people suffering from skin problems go to their GP, who did not undertake any specialization in dermatology. The company’s innovative development will substantially decrease the amount of misdiagnoses, and through such will held the patients to quickly recover, and will also help to optimize the health system and achieve substantial savings.

Facts about the potential market

The solution offered by the company is relevant to the entire world – it will change the face of dermatological medicine in the third-world and will significantly optimize the health systems in the western world through the innovative and unique system that will be used by all of us.

The company is already currently conducting successful pilots with the pediatric portal – YeleDoctor – as well as with Maccabi Health Fund, with the expectation of expanding to the other health funds in Israel in the near future. Similarly, the company is in negotiations to start pilots with other health systems around the world.

At the first phase the company is focusing on the tele-medical segment, with a market potential of approximately USD 26 billion.

DermaDetect is a pioneer in the field of online medical diagnostics and the expectation is that in the next few years, the system will become integral for the health funds and their policy holders, pharmacies, emergency rooms and global pharmaceutical companies.

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