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The revolution of digital investment consulting is finally here.
Fink has developed an online platform based on advanced AI technology that is personalized, objective and user friendly.

Type Stocks
Category Fintech
Minimum Investment 20,000$

Responsible Financial Advice for Everyone

The wealthiest people in the world have a financial advisor who helps them manage their wealth wisely to boost their worth. These advisors, referred to as a Family Office, are committed only to their customers and are unaffected by the royalties they may gain monthly from an insurance company they recommended or the investment fund they work with. They are very well compensated for their service, directly by their wealthy employer.

But most people don’t enjoy such services and they have to rely on information they receive from different sources, usually from interest groups to make their investment choices.

Fink provides comprehensive financial advice accessible to everyone! Fink’s system customizes the most appropriate global investment options for each user, based on their personal data minus the bias and remuneration. This way, anyone can receive responsible in-depth advice about any financial product, even if the sum of their investment is minimal. Fink will analyze almost any financial product anywhere in the world, from shares or bearer bonds, to ETFs (exchange traded fund), life insurance, provident and pension funds, hedge, and venture funds, and more.


Welcomed by the Israel Innovation Authority and the Israel Securities and Exchange Commission.

Fink’s technology was reviewed and tested by experts from the Israel Innovation Authority, receiving recognition as an innovative technological company in its field. This acceptance is the stamp of approval of the innovation Fink brings to the world of Fintech.

Also, thanks to the innovative thinking and persistence of Fink and its founder Mr. Eldad Tamir, the Israeli Securities Authority laid out a new infrastructure for totally digital investment products which are in fact Generation 2.0 in portfolio management. The new regulation will enable digital investment without needing the banks’ advisory systems, while giving the customer complete freedom and full control.

Having pioneered and developed the regulatory basis for online investment product marketing, Fink is well positioned to become a regulatory marketer of all financial products from all investment houses, while continuously comparing, analyzing and matching the best products for each customer.

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A Huge Target Market

Founder and leading Israeli investor, Mr. Eldad Tamir, was co-owner of Tamir Fishman Investment House, established in 1997. Fink is led by Mr. Tamir who is a principal investor in Fink, along with CEO Mr. Asaf Elimelech (CPA), who until recently served as CEO of the online marketing company Plus500 (which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, worth over 2 billion USD), and a group of executive managers and consultants from the high-tech, psychology and financial industries.

Fink appeals to a very broad global audience of customers seeking to find information and financial advice to help them navigate their finances in line with their preferred risk level and other features. Fink believes people should be able to make financial decisions related to their pension and insurance funds on the spot from their smartphone, and therefore makes this feature possible.

Fink’s unique technological platform enables personal financial advisory services free of charge, on your mobile, so that even a student with 1,000 shekels to invest a month, will receive an extensive and responsible service based on global investment opportunities. Furthermore, big scale investors will be able to use the platform as they use large trading platforms, such as IBKR or other reputable platforms to be offered. 

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Business Model

Fink’s business model does not rely on end user payment, which means it can reach a much wider audience. Since the suppliers pay a unified rate across the board for the service, all their products receive an unbiased objective review.

The Fink Investment Brain, automatically scans all the investment instruments, reviewing dozens of parameters down to the single promissory notes of every product.

Fink’s innovative system assembles available investment options and offers customers the most suitable unbiased investment recommendations in detail, to help the customer make smart decisions about their money, without a middleman and as easy as a click of a button.


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The Company’s Advantages:

  • Huge global market potential.
  • Global Fintech is an attractive and fast growing market.
  • No same service competitors.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience with global financing.
  • The technology is already patent pending in the USA.
  • Activity set to start in early 2021 in Israel.
  • A business model which enables the service to be free of charge to the customers.


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Growth and Profit Potential

Just as Amazon has customers as diverse as the world’s population, Fink also offers a service relevant for all.  Fink is attractive to any person with digital access and a sum of money to invest (there is no minimum amount required), and at the same time, Fink offers people with great wealth an investment platform that is more advanced than any analog based Family Office.

The options are limitless, exposing non-professionals to information previously inaccessible to them. Fink lets people disconnect their reliance on biased and often expensive financial advisors, who are not only committed to their clients.

It helps that the world is becoming more digitally inclined. Soon, we’ll be doing everything through our smartphones. Fink not only makes the investment process totally digital, it’s also user friendly, smart, and most importantly, completely transparent.

These values are perfectly aligned with prevalent and expanding personalization trends. Therefore, experts estimate this market will grow along with the ever-growing number of users who are not threatened by digital advancements, to ultimately grow Fink’s huge potential for success.


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