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A chance to invest in the largest Global Sports Tech Platform ! A portfolio of over 100 promising Sports Tech startups - all selected to work with market-leading Sports Institutions, clubs, and leagues.

Type Stocks
Category Technology
Minimum Investment €30,000

The success of the sports-tech industry

The sports-tech industry is showing accelerated growth in recent years due to a combination of a number of global movements when in the last year alone, about $10 billion has been invested in the industry worldwide.

One of the reasons for the accelerated growth is the fact that sports are a key driver in the Web 3.0 revolution – the next generation of the Internet, which allows you to experience immersive, virtual realities at the highest levels. In the future, fans will be able to sit at home and watch Ronaldo play in a hyper-realistic soccer game down, right in your living room. All fans will be able to experience the same experience, together, at the same time in metaverses and virtual reality.

Therefore, there has been dramatic growth in these areas in sports, along with the early adoption of eSports and web3 by both sports brands and fans in recent years. Web3 is only in its baby steps and investors are looking for opportunities for significant leverage, and have a unique entry point.

Invest in the next generation of the Internet

HYPE Sports Innovation is the largest holding company in the field of sports tech and it connects promising startups from the world of sports with the world’s leading sports teams and leagues.

For the past year, HYPE has been leading the Web 3.0 trend, focusing on start-ups from the fields of NFT, Metaverse, and blockchain. These days, HYPE allows members of the Together Investors Club who understand the potential for success, to join as shareholders in the company, thus holding a stake in the portfolio of over 150 leading sports-tech companies. It is expected that many of them will advance and provide technological developments that will integrate, grow, and even be acquired by the largest sports companies, teams, and organizations in the world.


The biggest sports companies in the world are already there

Every year, HYPE runs its GVA programs, in which dozens of start-ups are selected from thousands who apply. The program is a springboard for unique technologies and a starting point in HYPE’s significant contribution to promising start-ups.

Next, HYPE makes the match between the solutions of the selected start-ups and its “Partners” and presents their range of urgent challenges, for example: increasing sales, strengthening the involvement of fans at the venue or virtually from home, increasing profitability, and more.

The list of partners and entities that cooperate with HYPE includes the largest football clubs in the world, such as Paris Saint-Germain F.C, the German League (BUNDESLIGA), Bayern Munich, France’s National Soccer Team, teams from the NBA and the NFL, commercial companies like Adidas, Under Armor, LULULEMON, and more.

HYPE promotes sports-forward technologies

The meticulous and professional screening of HYPE and its Partners produces a winning combination between challenge and solution, and a connection between strong and well-known teams and companies in the world of sports, and ventures that will succeed. This targeted exposure significantly increases the start-up’s chances of breaking into business or strategic partnerships and is a significant leap toward the company’s growth and expansion, revenue, customers, and more.

At HYPE, we not only take care of connecting the start-ups to the relevant sports bodies but also take care of professional mentors who will accompany the projects throughout the period and direct them to maximum success in order to advance towards the goal. HYPE’s mentors include Senior-level executives from the world of sports – each and everyone in their field, and they accompany the ventures over time. At the end of the program, start-ups enjoy professional connections in the worlds of sports and direct access to investors.

The HYPE business model

HYPE owns assets in startups selected for the program. The business model is based on the company receiving options according to the startup’s value on the day it enters the program, so HYPE enjoys the potential growth and future success of the venture. With skin in the game, success becomes a driver for HYPE, and all work for one goal – the startup’s success.

In the last two years, HYPE has accompanied about 100 startups that it has chosen from the GVA programs it has led. Despite the short time elapsed, some have already managed to complete substantial investment rounds. Many companies have even signed cooperation and commercial agreements with HYPE’s sports brands.

HYPE is currently selecting startups for its third GVA program, which focuses on Sports technology, Web 3.0, Blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse. HYPE sees sports as a direct channel that will make the metaverse accessible and valuable for sports fans and enthusiasts worldwide.

HYPE Added-Value:

  • A strategic and unique partnership with the most prominent companies, organizations, and sports clubs in the world.
  • A direct connection between real needs and technological solutions, which increases the potential for success.
  • Entry early and preferential terms for startups with high-profit potential when realized.
  • Professional relationships through mentors from organizations such as UEFA, the NFL, leading media outlets, and more.
  • Proven success from the previous program in which startups have signed collaborations and commercial agreements with leading international brands and teams.
  • An experienced professional team from the worlds of sports, high-tech, and investments.
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