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"The application that keeps children safe, everywhere".
Just like you wouldn't buy your child a bicycle without a helmet, you shouldn't buy them a smartphone without the Keepers child safety app. Keepers provides parents with real time alerts about abusive content on their child's phone, empowering them to act and save lives.

Type Stocks
Category Technology
Minimum Investment 20,000$

The perfect solution for keeping children safe

The rise of technology and social media have changed the social fabric of our world. New generations of children are growing up in different and far more invasive societies. Any child with a smartphone is immediately exposed to endless content at a click of a link – whether through social apps like Facebook or Instagram, through the internet, or in private or public group chats, without parental supervision or filters.

Parents who give their child a smartphone are in fact opening a world of experiences and information to them, without maintaining any control or having access to it. Unfortunately, some of the content children are exposed to can pose new risks to them, causing new parental concerns.

The Keepers app is the perfect solution for parents who wish to keep their children safe from the online dangers lurking in their smartphones. The Keepers app detects and reports any potentially abusive content in real time, indicating that the child may be at risk. It also alerts parents to other information that can help them be better parents in the digital age.

Keepers rights purchased by leading telecommunications groups

The demand for this app was present even before it was fully developed. The Keepers child safety app was downloaded by 12 thousand users within two months of its launch, indicative more than anything of the dire thirst of parents for a solution that will protect their children and provide them with peace of mind.

Hand in hand with the success of sales to end users for a monthly fee, some giants in telecommunications began showing interest and buying the Keepers Child Safety app. The first company who purchased rights to using Keepers was Israeli Bezeq International, followed by International Vodafone. Many other companies throughout the world have joined since, recognizing the advantages of the smart app, which they offer to their customers within their mobile or online service packages.

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The app that both parents and children prefer

Keepers alerts parents to risky scenarios their children may be exposed to. Keepers scans all the online content on the smartphone, recognizing abusive content and words in chats and online interactions. It detects entry into unsafe sites, identifying the child’s location at any time, and can even manage and limit usages times.

Since its launch, Keepers has helped parents identify eating disorders, bans, pedophilia, bullying, violence and a wide variety of other problems and risks that children are exposed to daily all over the world, without any protection. The Keepers alert mechanism lets parents or other responsible parties detect problems when they happen and get involved to save their children’s lives.

The key advantage of the Keepers Child Safety app is that it only alerts when there is risk. It does not expose parents to all of the information on their child’s phone. This makes it the app both parents and children prefer, as it helps protect the child’s privacy, while allowing parents to do a better job in the digital age, and at the same time it provides controlled supervision in risky areas.

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Company’s Advantages:

  • Huge global market potential.
  • Ethics that create a safer world.
  • The app is already operational and being sold worldwide.
  • Keepers received several awards for innovation and for doing very important work. Among them: The Seal of Excellence from the EU, the Horizon 2020 – Europe’s award for innovation, the CERPrize, and more.
  • The non-exclusive business model makes it possible for the company to continue to grow into other markets as well.
  • Agreements with Bezeq International, VodaFone, Telefonica (Wayra) Germany, Hutchinson (Austria), and more.

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Market potential and future development

Keepers is already selling its app in Europe, the US, and Israel, and the demand is constantly on the rise alongside the increase in smartphone use by children and teens. Research has shown that as the smartphone use increases, so does the age of its users decreases. The Keepers solution provides a response to the increasing need of modern-day parents, who have to deal with too many blind spots in their children’s lives.

Communication is now more open and prone to breach. Children today are exposed to sites and content on many platforms, with people they know and don’t know, and the chances of them being exposed to inappropriate or abusive information is far greater. Along with the increased risk, the ability of parents to monitor their children’s digital lives decreases. This is where Keepers steps in to delicately bridge this gap. Much like the helmet that protects children who ride a bicycle, Keepers protects children from the many risks involved in using a smartphone. What parent wouldn’t want to protect their child?

This makes for a huge and constantly increasing market potential. The app sells for about 4 Euro a month and through the agreements with key telecommunications companies, the company enjoys exposure to new markets and a large number of customers – in exchange for a substantial percentage of the revenue. Market potential calculations based on costs and the number of children and smartphones in the relevant Western countries, yield an estimated market potential of 3 billion Euro.

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Expanding into new areas

Unlike its competitors, Keepers doesn’t expose parents to their children’s entire phone content, so it maintains the child’s privacy, while providing parents with the relevant information only. Keepers alerts parents only when there is information indicating the child may be at risk or if the child is the bully who must be attended to.

Keepers does not require the child’s password as it monitors the information on a wide range of social platforms used by the child, therefore, password updates are not required and children cannot choose to hide information when they want to – keeping them protected at all times.

Keepers Child Safety is expanding its activities to other areas and is currently providing a response to other parental monitoring needs.  The app detects the child’s location at any given time, it can restrict screen time – now known to be a risk in child development, alerting about entry to unsafe sites.

Keepers is evolving with every technological innovation or new popular app development, to provide encompassing response at all times. Keepers is also learning new languages, to evolve into new markets around the world.

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