The company that has reinvented the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye problems and vision for children

The company that is changing the field of diagnosis and treatment of vision problems. With immense market potential and commercial activity in the US and Europe, NovaSight is breaking new ground in developing medical products in the field of pediatric ophthalmology - aiming to change the lives of millions worldwide by preventing blindness in children.

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Category Med Tech
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NovaSight is a medical device company pioneering advanced eye-tracking technologies worldwide in pediatric ophthalmology.

NovaSight specializes in developing products across three key areas:

  • Therapeutic – addressing lazy eye
  • Diagnostic – detecting eye problems and diseases
  • Monitoring and Prevention – halting the progression of vision impairment

The company is recognized globally for its expertise in processing eye movement data and utilizing it for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in children.

The company’s flagship products, CureSight for treatment, and the FDA-approved therapeutic device are CE certified.
The company holds stakes in 2 subsidiaries located in the US and China.

One of the company’s strategic investors is Santen, the third-largest eye pharmaceutical company in the world from Japan. Another strategic investor is EssilorLuxottica, the world’s largest manufacturer of eyeglass lenses and owner of luxury brands such as Gucci and Ray-Ban (the company is valued at $70 billion and traded on the stock exchange in France).


NovaSight Team

NovaSight Team

NovaSight technology

NovaSight technology

NovaSight eye track based solution

NovaSight eye track based solution

NovaSight - amblyopia treatment

NovaSight – amblyopia treatment

3% of the world’s population suffer from a condition known as “lazy eye,” a phenomenon that can lead to severe vision problems and even blindness. Currently, the gold standard for lazy eye treatment involves patching, a treatment accompanied by numerous limitations such as physical discomfort, especially for children who must wear the patch for hours during the day, leading to negative social and psychological implications.

As a result, compliance with patch therapy is low, and many children are forced to repeat the treatment or, in cases of treatment failure, remain adults with lazy eye and vision problems.

Additionally, patch therapy is monocular and therefore does not aid in the development of binocular vision and depth perception – critical functions for daily activities such as driving, depth perception, and navigating stairs.

NovaSight Curesight

NovaSight Curesight


In an attempt to find more comfortable solutions for children suffering from lazy eye, the company has developed CureSight, an innovative device tailored to the lifestyles of today’s children. The patient, comfortably at home, views content through the device via direct streaming, while wearing 3D glasses. During viewing, the device blurs the central field of vision in the image presented to the dominant eye, compared to the “lazy eye,” which receives a full image. This way, the visual system utilizes the image received by the lazy eye, thereby improving its acuity while simultaneously teaching both eyes to work together. The device trains the brain and strengthens the “lazy eye” – all in the comfort of the child’s home, tailored to the habits of today’s children, who enjoy viewing content over time and, along the way, benefit from improved vision.

The CureSight device is connected to a dedicated cloud interface that allows the company’s support center to assist the patient remotely throughout the entire treatment period, starting from remote system installation, verifying treatment compliance according to the usage protocol, and at the end of the treatment period, collecting and transferring the device to the logistics center for preparation for the next patient.

Since the device was launched in the US, over 150 pediatric ophthalmologists, representing over 10% of all pediatric eye doctors in the US, and approximately 70 optometrists have begun referring their patients for lazy eye treatment using CureSight. Currently, treatment has been registered for over 450 patients in 34 states in the US.


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