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"The company chosen as one of the 25 most promising companies in the world!"
Paragate has developed an implantable medical device to treat fluid congestion in patients suffering from chronic heart and
kidney failure.

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Solving the problem for congestive heart and kidney failure patients

26 million people around the world suffer from chronic heart failure, making it the number one hospitalization cause. Additional complications are caused by this condition, such as failed kidney function, fluid congestion and respiratory distress – all of which are chronic and require repeated hospitalizations. In fact, 90% of heart failure patients are hospitalized due to fluid congestion and about 25% of these repeated admissions occur within less then a month from the previous event.

The burden of caring for these patients, the hospital’s “frequent flyer club members”, on the world’s healthcare systems is immense, estimated at 17 billion dollars annually, in the US alone! Healthcare systems around the world are having a hard time dealing with the density, and patients and their caregivers are desperate for a solution that will help prevent the recurrent hospitalizations and improve and prolong the patients’ lives.

Revolutionary Idea: Fully Implantable Novel Device

Paragate is offering the first ever lifelong, continuous and active treatment for a common chronic problem. The treatment includes a small device which is implanted in the patient’s abdominal cavity and collects extracellular fluids through the principle of diffusion. The excessive body fluids that cause edema and respiratory difficulties are collected into a sack through which the fluids are passed directly to the bladder.

The device is fully implanted in the patient’s abdominal cavity, to allow ongoing removal of extracellular fluids, in a controlled manner and independently of the patient’s physiological mechanisms, while enabling the attending doctor to continuously monitor the patient medical parameters remotely. This novel game-changing solution can reduce fluid congestion and spare the need for acute and aggressive treatments at the hospitals.

With this device, patients who suffer from congestive heart 

failure and failed kidney function, can seamlessly receive an ongoing, around the clock treatment at their homes, thereby avoiding repeated hospitalizations for fluid removal. This incredible device will dramatically reduce treatment costs, save on expensive resources to the healthcare systems and greatly improve the patients’ lives. Patients with kidney failure will benefit from fewer intensive dialysis treatments, which will minimize the complications involved with them and significantly improve their quality of lives.


Life Changing Advantages:

  • Fluid and congestion removal for chronic heart or kidney failure patients.
  • The solution is completely implanted inside the patient’s body.
  • Ongoing 24/7 systematic treatment.
  • No drugs or solutions are injected into the patient’s body.
  • Prevents frequent and repeated patient hospitalization.
  • Lowers the burden off from global healthcare systems, saving on resources, including financial ones.
  • A technological novelty that makes it possible to optimally treat and monitor a large number of patients remotely.

Novel Technology in the Service of Medicine:

Paragate’s idea leans on the realization that wherever it’s given the opportunity, the body drains and removes fluids. Thus, Dr. Yair Feld, a cardiologist at the Rambam Medical Center, came up with the idea of manufacturing a fully implantable device that will remove the body’s extracellular fluids directly to the bladder.

Based on Dr. Feld’s invention, the company developed a revolutionary ground-breaking product that works as an additional organ that bypasses the kidneys with the purpose of collecting excessive fluids along with toxins and salts, and shifting them into the bladder, from where they are evacuated out of the body.

Paragate is accompanied by an esteemed and highly qualified team of professionals who are ushering it on its way to disrupting the treatment of patients around the world. The company has won many prizes in the world’s most prominent conventions and is considered a pioneer in the world of cardiology, selected as one of the world’s 25 most promising companies in 2018. Paragate has also won over 2.2 million dollars from the prestigious EU grant, Horizon 2020 – European Innovation Council.

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