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Pathkeepers Surgical has developed an FDA approved 3D optical navigation system for spine surgeries

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Category Medtech
Minimum Investment $25,000

Pathkeepers Surgical introduces an innovative 3D optical navigation system tailored for spine surgeries.

This cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence algorithms with optical imaging to deliver high-resolution real-time visuals, empowering spine surgeons to execute procedures with enhanced efficiency and precision, all while minimizing exposure to radiation.

Revolutionizing pre-surgery CT scans, the PathKeeper system generates a comprehensive three-dimensional representation of the spine. This intricate imaging serves as a navigational aid, facilitating meticulous planning and execution of surgeries, ensuring optimal effectiveness and accuracy.

The system provides continuous real-time monitoring of spinal movement, enabling the segmentation of the spine into individual vertebrae. This granular monitoring allows for swift updates during the procedure, accommodating unforeseen shifts in the patient’s position. This adaptability is crucial, ensuring that the surgeon can promptly adjust the operation in response to any changes in spinal alignment.

Distinguishing itself further, the PathKeeper system employs infrared light (NIR), boasting an unprecedented radiation level close to zero. This remarkable feature sets it apart from conventional systems and medical equipment found in hospitals and operating rooms, prioritizing patient safety without compromising on technological advancement.

In the midst of surgery, the PathKeeper system offers unparalleled convenience with a simple push of a button. This initiates a 3D surface scan on demand, swiftly refreshing the registration without the need for additional CT scans. By eliminating unnecessary radiation exposure, this streamlined process contributes to a safer surgical environment, demonstrating Pathkeepers Surgical’s commitment to advancing healthcare technology responsibly.

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