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Profility promises personalized care for every discharged patient, optimizing costs and enabling huge savings to the Healthcare system and insurance companies.

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Personalized Healthcare Platform 

In spite of progress achieved in many aspects of our lives, Health systems still tend to work with criteria fitting the “average patient” rather than tailoring to the individual patient. Profility solution is based on the rational that each individual patient has a unique variation and needs a personalized treatment fitting his needs to enable longer life expectancy and quality of life.

Through our collaborative platform with multiple Big Data sources of older population who went through various release procedures, the Profility system optimizes the  care solutions post hospitalization and  improves the decision making process for the best after care treatment and the best fitting facility.


Huge Cost reduction to the HealthCare systems and the insurance companies 

Profility personalized, collaborative system will significantly reduce readmission and length of stay, incorrect treatment, worsening of patient’s condition and mortality.

Using Profility’s A.I. improves the decision making process of doctors and other caregivers to make better decisions as patients move through different care settings. Decision are based on calculations and discovering hidden patterns of similar patients, turning the data to knowledge.

Profility can predict which type of rehabilitation care will be most effective for each individual patient following an episode in an acute care setting, or identify a patient at risk BEFORE any symptoms are developed.

In the past such decision making was based on a standard protocol for all adults after hospitalization; today the doctors can base their decision on our predictive analytics offering a more accurate decision in a shorter time for the particular patient, enabling a more successful recuperation, reducing the risk of readmission and savings much money to the whole system.

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Profility provides a comprehensive  exclusive solution to an expensive problem

The current COVID-19 crisis has further demonstrated the need for an effective, economic and agile machine learning and artificial intelligence system which provides personalized treatment in reduced cost.

With an aging population much thought and solutions must be found for the challenge of treating this age group.

Today, 60% of the total health cost are spent on the elderly population and In the USA 17% of the GDP is already being spent on healthcare, Profility will make a significant change in providing better care and reduce costs.

It is estimated that in the US alone it is possible to save 17 billion $ each year by reducing readmissions and matching optimal care to patients after hospitalization.

This further emphasizes the importance and potential of Profility’s solution.

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Profility advantages

  • Our software is already deployed in the US Health system with 11 hospitals in the New York metro region, where it is producing meaningful results and has been battle-tested for more than one year now.
  • We have a strong strategic marketing partner already working with hundreds of health organizations thought USA
  • There are no competitor offering such a A.I. based system
  • Unique access to Big Data sources
  • Huge savings for the Health system (organization) and the insurance companies.
  • Profility’s system improves and lengthen life expectancy
  • We already kicked off a joint sales plan
  • We have an established US presence, our business force is based in the USA and the Covid-19 is not limiting our operations.

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 Successful penetration in USA hospitals

Our software is already deployed in the the NY metro region where it is producing meaningful results, the market has already validated the technology.
Montefiore Health System is an integrated healthcare delivery system, with 11 hospitals providing services to 3.2 million people across the Bronx and Hudson Valley. Montefiore, like other Health systems is financially responsible for after care of the patients even after released from the hospital. It is clear that an optimal, personalized care system will greatly reduce costs for the hospital and create profit for rehab and after-care centers and home care, and of course benefit the patients.
Montefiore has been using Profility for over two years. Our goal was to improve the performance regarding transitions of care between the acute facilities and the collaborative network of post-acute care providers.
The impact of deploying Profility has already been noticeable
Montefiore post-acute readmission rates went down by 10% year-over-year, while during the same period of time the average sub-acute care length of stay was reduced by 3.6 days.
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