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Referral-AI is a technology-driven platform that facilitates meaningful connections between businesses and potential clients through referrals. Backed by a team with a proven track record of successful exits, Referral-AI leverages cutting-edge AI and machine learning techniques to revolutionize the way businesses establish valuable connections.

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Category Technology
Minimum Investment 20,000$

Making Direct, Personal and Reliable Contacts with Key Players in the Organization

Reaching key roles in organizations, engaging their attention and arranging a sales meeting is a common challenge in marketing and sales today. These key players are constantly bombarded by emails and meeting requests from salespeople, most of which they brush aside. Furthermore, consumer protection laws, prohibit sending sales and promotional emails without explicit permission and many of these emails end up in the Spam folder.

Referral-AI is purporting to solve this particular problem with a unique software that automatically and unbeknownst to the user, scans the internet for a person or entity’s relationships. Referral-AI Maps global corporate relationships with customers, partners, executives, and colleagues, so sales can leverage those relationships to reach target accounts and greatly increase the company’s selling capacity.

A Team Experienced in Creating Successful Companies

Referral-AI is led by Doron Herzlich, a successful entrepreneur with five successful high-tech exits in his past, four of which were either sold or issued at millions of dollars. Mr. Herzlich, who is known for his ability to identify the next need technology can meet, recognized the next business opportunity in Referral-AI, and has already raised two million dollars for the company’s activities.

Mr. Herzlich called upon a team of executive managers who had successful exits in the past, and together they are leading Referral-AI onwards to its inevitable success in the business world. The company is already selling the software to companies everywhere.

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An Incredible Increase in Business Opportunities Through Referrals

Since it began operating locally and globally, Referral-AI has reported an enormous increase in the conversion rate of business opportunities. Forging relationships through reliable business referrals makes a lot of sense and shortens the way to an appointment and finally to a sale. The chances of scheduling a meeting are increased by far when compared to a “cold” email that stands zero to no chance of even making it into the recipient’s inbox.

Industry research shows that conversion rates from other marketing channels are as low as 0.5% to 4%, where Referral-AI provides a conversion rate of over 30%. This is a dramatic game changer for sales and marketing teams, and a clear competitive advantage for B2B companies in any industry, plus companies working in high-end financial and professional services, investment and real estate.

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Reach Any Company in the World Through Business Referrals

The company’s vision is to be able to reach key targets in any company around the world through business and personal connections that will make it possible to leverage them successfully and thus increase sales. The Referral-AI automated solution is based on dozens of reliable sources online, which can be enriched with CRM information to create ample data that unveils and scores strong connections automatically.  

The system is based on artificial intelligence, through which it constantly improves, learns and expands the connections with every new user. Unlike LinkedIn and other social media platforms, you’re not required to actively search or manually offer friendships. Once installed, the software automatically maps the relationships of the organization’s sales team, without interrupting their work routine.

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Referral-AI’s Advantages

  • Identifies and leverages the organization’s relationships network potential.
  • An automatic solution that doesn’t require active friendship suggestions, enabling confidential business intelligence.
  • Improves and expedites the sales process through business referrals.
  • Increases organizational sales.
  • Elevates the conversion rates to 30%.
  • An executive management team, experienced in leading companies to acquisition.
  • AI system that constantly learns and improves.
  • User friendly and convenient dashboard.
  • Began product sales worldwide.

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Market Potential

Referral-AI is already marketing and selling the software to companies and organization locally and globally. The solution is relevant to any B2B company interested in increasing sales, as well as improving and shortening the sales and marketing processes.

The Referral-AI solution is innovative and comprehensive. It incorporates a large number of internet sources of information, analyzing relationships to help forge business connections between people and leverage mutual business opportunities, based on a relationship they might not even be aware of. 

The annual turnover of the market Referral-AI is looking at is 480 billion dollars. Assuming the company will reach 5% of its potential market, that translates to 24 billion dollars. 


Invest in Referral-AI Before the Offering

In its few short years of operation, Referral-AI raised over two million dollars and has successfully developed and started selling its product to a number of companies worldwide. The company’s business model is reliant on monthly service fees, paid by the organizations that buy its services. The company benefits from having no competitors who can create such a network of connections, making its model advantageous for any company wishing to leverage its business relationships.

Referral-AI is operating in the business marketing sector, providing a solution to a fast-growing problem in this day and age. The company is led by an executive management team with an impressive background in public offerings worth hundreds of millions of dollars, who share the ability to identify the most appropriate time for maximizing company profits for investors.


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