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Led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, industry experts and supported by a large-scale prospective clinical trial with over 40 sites and 1,700 patients recruited worldwide, OncoHost aims to understand the patient's unique response to therapy to overcome one of the maior obstacles in clinical oncology today - resistance to treatment. Supported by robust clinical evidence, strong IP positioning, and first -mover advantage, OncoHost has developed the PROphet® platform. Combining bioinformatics, system biology and machine learning PROphet provides insights to aid the best choice for therapy.

Type Stocks
Category Bio-Tech
Minimum Investment 20,000$

A simple blood test that helps tailor treatment plans for cancer patients

Immunotherapy, which harnesses the patient’s own immune system to attack cancer cells, has recently emerged as one of the most promising treatments for cancer. While it can be a life-saving treatment for some, most do not respond, and there is risk for immune-related complications. Therefore, doctors need tools to predict whether their patients will respond to therapy, and to tailor treatment plans accordingly.

OncoHost, an Israeli start-up company, is developing breakthrough technology for a personalized approach to cancer management. Using machine-learning algorithms to analyze large datasets of blood proteins, OncoHost has developed PROphet®, a simple blood test that accurately predicts response to cancer immunotherapies and identifies potential strategies to overcome resistance to treatment. PROphet® aids the doctor in choosing the right therapy for the individual patient, increasing the chances that the therapy will be successful and limiting unnecessary complications.


Huge Savings for Healthcare Systems

The immunotherapy market is growing rapidly, and its worth is currently estimated at around 30 billion dollars. OncoHost will revolutionize the market with its patented PROphet® blood test.

OncoHost’s solution will not only saves lives, but will also save billions of dollars for healthcare systems worldwide. Some immunotherapy treatments cost as much as 100 thousand dollars for a single patient. Therefore, knowing beforehand or very early on during treatment whether the patient will benefit from these expensive treatments is extremely valuable for healthcare systems and insurers. PROphet® will aid in restricting costly therapies to patients who are most likely to benefit from them, offering a cost-effective and sustainable approach to cancer management.  

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How Does it Work?

  1. Two blood samples are drawn from the patient, one before treatment and one two weeks after treatment has commenced.
  2. The samples are scanned by OncoHost’s unique method, which analyzes over 400 proteins.
  3. Patterns related to response or resistance to therapy are identified.
  4. A report is provided to the doctor and patient.
  5. Doctor and patient make informed decisions about next lines of treatment.

PROphet® translates the protein profiles in the blood into information that helps identify the most suitable treatment plans for the individual patient. Within two weeks of the first treatment dose, PROphet® can determine the probability of a patient responding to the therapy. If the probability of response is low, PROphet® identifies other treatments that might be suitable for the patient. 

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The Company’s Advantages:

  • Offers an innovative platform unlike any other.
  • Operates in a growing market.
  • Saves on tremendous costs to healthcare systems and insurance companies.
  • Proven technology, expected to launch in 2021.
  • Can save lives by tailoring treatment plans.
  • Offers a simple, convenient and non-invasive test

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Encouraged by Health Organizations

Health organizations around the globe understand the heavy financial burden and expected mortality from cancer in the near future. It’s predicted that 1.3 million people will likely die from cancer in the year 2020 in Europe alone. Hence, identifying the right therapy for every patient is of highest priority.

The OncoHost platform will maximize clinical benefit, minimize complications from unnecessary treatments and reduce financial burden.

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