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Introducing ResMetrix, a revolutionary solution for continuous monitoring of chronic respiratory diseases, which affect hundreds of millions of people globally. With their groundbreaking technology, individuals suffering from respiratory ailments can now experience continuous and comprehensive monitoring of their condition. ResMetrix aims to enhance the quality of life for patients by providing real-time insights and proactive management, empowering them to take control of their respiratory health like never before.

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A 24/7 wearable accurate respiratory monitoring system

Over a billion people in the world suffer from respiratory diseases: Asthma (300 million), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – COPD (over 250 million), Lung Cancer, Pneumonia, Congestive Heart Failure – CHF and more. Smokers are particularly prone to these ailments. In the USA alone, the annual cost of treating COPD patients is 50 billion dollars – stemming mostly from hospitalization costs. Treating asthma patients in the USA costs over 80 billion dollars a year.

Currently, there is no system available that can monitor the respiratory condition of patients in their homes


Resmetrix has developed a wearable respiratory monitoring system that accurately monitors respiratory patterns of patients. The system can identify and immediately alert when changes in breathing patterns indicate a deterioration in the patient’s respiratory condition, before the patient has symptoms of respiratory distress. 

Learning every patient’s breathing patterns

Resmetrix has developed an innovative sensor that enables accurate measurement of small changes in breathing patterns during respiration. The system learns the patient’s individual breathing patterns and when it identifies deterioration, an alert is sent to the patient’s smartphone app, thus enabling him/her to either take their medication or seek early treatment, which will prevent exacerbation and hospitalization.

The Resmetrix product responds to the need of millions of patients and their families , hospitals, healthcare systems and insurance companies around the world,  who are all seeking a solution that will enable management of respiratory diseases prior to the patient experiencing an episode. The Resmetrix system addresses to prevent complications and deaths, as well as needless hospitalization of patients, thereby saving on costly resources to healthcare systems.   

Resmetrix Advantages:

  • The only system in the world capable of detecting the onset of a respiratory episode in a patient at home
  • Accurately monitors breathing patterns and respiratory volumes
  • AI system capable of learning each patient’s breathing patterns
  • Immediately alerts about a deterioration in the patient’s condition directly to the smartphone app and to the attending medical team
  • The patented sensor is registered in the USA
  • Wearable monitoring system, enabling 24/7 monitoring
  • Prevents death as a result of respiratory distress and repeated hospitalization
  • Improves patients’ quality of life


Required by hospitals and healthcare systems around the world

20-25% of COPD patients who are discharged from the hospital are re-admitted to the hospital again within a month following a severe episode. The repeated hospital stays increase the risk of critical disability and death of patients, and significantly decrease their quality of life. They also greatly increase the cost of treatment to the hospitals, so much so, that insurance companies in the USA are imposing heavy fines on hospitals for these re-hospitalizations. This problem urged hospitals to look for a solution that will offer COPD patients monitoring during the first weeks after their release, to prevent a decline in the condition of the patient and avoid being fined for re-admission.

Hospitals and healthcare systems around the globe are the first market for Resmetrix, which will let them monitor their patients at the hospital and later at their homes. Hospitals need to monitor patients with Asthma, Pneumonia, COPD and other pulmonary diseases to be able to keep track of their breathing patterns and identify as early as possible any decline that can potentially lead to hospitalization on an intensive care unit. The system provides the medical team with information on the efficacy and effect of the patient’s treatment, along with an objective index that indicates improvement in the patient’s condition, that will allow discharging the patient in a timely manner.

At home, after hospitalization, the need to monitor the patients’ respiratory condition increases, to ensure continuous treatment and prevent a decline in their condition that could lead to repeated hospitalization. Remotely monitoring patients with respiratory diseases in their homes also helps prevent them from catching infections at the hospital, which often end in patient death.

Resmetrix enjoys a market of over a billion people around the world and is capable of substantially saving costs for healthcare systems and insurance companies. The Resmetrix sensor is unique in its ability to accurately monitor respiratory patterns and volumes and we expect the company’s system will become the method of choice for respiratory patient care. This is your opportunity to be a part of a growing and promising company at an early stage and an attractive market value.

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