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The Israeli drug that prolongs and improves life for pancreatic cancer patients

Led by the best scientists, Silenseed has managed the unbelievable developed a revolutionary cure for one of the deadliest and most common diseases in the world.

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Research and Development in the Service of Medicine

Cancer is one of the toughest diseases that humankind has ever tackled. So tough, it’s now considered an epidemic in the West. Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers around and is often only diagnosed in advanced stages, with very low survivability rates.

The world’s best researchers are hard at work developing a drug or treatment that will ameliorate, prolong and improve the lives of those afflicted with this cancer – and yet, the last decades have not seen any significant breakthroughs in this field.

Pancreatic cancer warriors and their families are literally aching for treatment that will prolong their lives and alleviate their daily struggle. 


Effective Targeted Treatment Without Side Effects

Silenseed has managed to respond to the exact need of pancreatic cancer warriors everywhere. The Company has developed a targeted treatment based on a precise and very small dose of gene silencing therapy, without the side effects that typically occur with other treatments.

This treatment is directly targeted at the gene responsible for the tumor, disintegrating it, causing it to shrink. A shrunk tumor can potentially be extracted through surgery, it minimizes the patient’s pain and allows the immune system to battle the tumor successfully.

People with pancreatic cancer will be able to receive treatment which directly targets the tumor through an endoscopy, without needing surgery. The dosage is a minimal 1 mg which is released gradually in the pancreas itself over a three-month period.


Excellent Results in the Best Hospitals in the USA and Israel

After completing Phase I with encouraging preliminary results, the Silenseed targeted treatment is now in Phase II – under supervision of the FDA and conducted in collaboration with leading hospitals in the USA and Israel. Renowned international doctors and researchers are involved in what has so far shown incredible and promising trial results.

The therapy is currently being tested on 30 pancreatic cancer warriors, after Phase I, which was conducted among 12 warriors – six received the Silenseed treatment and six were in the control group.

The Phase I results were outstanding, showing dramatic improvement in the lives of those who received the Silenseed treatment.

The innovative Silenseed treatment can respond to 95% of pancreatic cancer warriors, and its success can change the course of the disease in countless people who are combating pancreatic cancer.

The Advantages of the Silenseed Treatment for Patients:

  • Shrunk tumors and decreased pain in patients
  • Treats stage 3 disease and is also suitable for the first metastatic stage
  • A team of forefront leading researchers and doctors in the field
  • Suitable for 95% of pancreatic cancer patients
  • The treatment is targeted and free of side effects
  • Treatment is a fairly simple, non-surgical procedure which has already been proven by the FDA
  • Treatment is slow-releasing and only given once every three months
  • Proven clinical trial results

Big Biotech Investors Are Already In

Silenseed has been operating since 2008 and to date has raised over 18 million dollars from leading international investors who are amply experienced in biotechnology. During the Company’s years of operation, it has received six million dollars from the Chief Scientist.

We regret that the Company’s market potential is only growing. In the US alone, tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and are eagerly waiting for any solution that will prolong and improve their daily lives by reducing the immense pain.

  Looking Forward

The Company’s development is not limited to pancreatic cancer only. The technology will enable treatment of other cancers, such as lung cancer, which is why its potential is huge. Silenseed has valid registered patents in its name for a period of ten years –an important element that promises global exclusivity for a long time.

The Company’s executives expect its initial public offering to be successful on one of the leading world stock exchanges. Alternatively, the Company can be acquired by one of the world’s biggest pharma companies. Silenseed is currently about to sign a mutual trial agreement with Swiss Roche.

Business Advantages for Silenseed:

  • A development that may apply to other cancers

  • Lenient approval process with the FDA

  • National-scale savings by prolonging patients’ lives

  • A growing market

  • Long term (10 years) exclusivity on registered patents

  • Over 20 million dollars in raised funds from quality investors and the Chief Scientist

  • In the process of signing with leading international pharmaceutical companies on conducting mutual trials

  • Potential acquisition by a large pharmaceutical company or issuance of public shares

  • Compact company in terms of expenses

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