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Rarely do we witness a revolution that introduces a new product into an established market. However, Sizer has achieved precisely that by pioneering the remote measurement of the human body using a mobile phone, rivaling the accuracy of a skilled tailor. This groundbreaking technology has now become an essential tool within the E-Commerce industry, providing invaluable assistance in ensuring proper sizing and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Type Stocks
Category Technology
Minimum Investment $25,000

 Market size and problem

The e-commerce market has been growing at a very high rate in recent years, and in the fashion industry alone, it did $760 billion in 2021. Over the next five years, the annual growth rate of online purchases in the fashion industry will stand at 7% and reach $1 trillion annually.

But along with the accelerating growth of the field, the fashion industry also suffers from the limitations involved in remote purchasing – the amount of purchases is small because people are not sure which size is right for them, while the return of products due to the wrong size is between 30% and 40%. $90 billion is a massive expense for the brands.

The fashion industry is also the second most polluting world, and the number of returns significantly strengthens its dubious position in the field (due to double transportation, logistics, repackaging, and more).

Sizer’s solution

The Israeli company, Sizer, has developed a unique technology that solves one of the main problems of online customers and fashion brands. Sizer’s technology manages to measure the body, like a certified tailor, with 97% accuracy – all through a mobile phone or tablet device.

All buyers require is to stand in front of the camera, turn 360 degrees, and within seconds they will get the exact body measurements and the perfect fit of the product they have chosen on the site to their specific measures. In doing this, customers feel more confident in placing the order, knowing that the clothes they have ordered will fit and prevent them from the tedious return process and mental anguish of choosing the wrong sizes.

A smart choice for fashion brands

For fashion brands, the choice of Sizer strengthens the relationship with customers, because it provides them with better service and confidence in shopping. A survey found that 75% of buyers said they were more likely to purchase when they had the option to know the most appropriate size.

Fashion brands save money on returns and size exchanges. This, combined with the conversion rates of the brands that will increase 2x – 4x when using sizer technology and the value of the shopping cart, which will increase by 25%, significantly grows the potential profits of the fashion brands.

Sizer’s ability to help brands lower the number of returns ultimately translates not only into cost savings but also a reduction in excess production and pollution due to the return shipping of unsuitable items.

Lingerie – an unprecedented success

Finding the correct bra size for women is one of the common problems in the field of lingerie; when most women do not know what the most suitable size for them is, and even if there is one, it can vary from model to the company. This huge market is left with no effective answer, certainly not in a remote purchase.

Sizer’s technology has revolutionized the field and is already working with some of the largest bra companies in the world, including Triumph and Wacoal. In a pilot done with Wacoal, Sizer outperformed all of its competitors and showed a 300% increase in accuracy compared to the previous solution.

Thanks to the app developed by the company and Sizer, there is an average increase of $12 in the value of the purchases of each shopping cart, as well as 8% of purchases made directly from the customization page.

The uniform industry

One of the great benefits and potential lines of business for Sizer is found in the $68 billion uniform industry, as data shows that 35% of the world’s workers wear uniforms to work. These are the most prominent industries, such as medical services, the military, and factories. Until Sizer arrived, employee tailoring processes took an average of about six months of manual measurements and were a massive waste of workforce and money.

Sizer was the first to identify the business potential in the uniform market and revolutionize therein. The company has already signed contracts with the largest uniform suppliers in the world, such as Landau, Hunter Apparel, Also, and more. The size adjustment process using Sizer technology takes minutes and is automatically sent to the organizations that handle the execution.

Leadership, awards, and investors

In addition to being a company with very large paying customers and other large customers with whom they are in negotiations – Sizer enjoys leadership with decades of rich experience in the largest companies in the world.

The company’s CEO, Adam Kaplan, has served as a director and financial advisor in leading companies in the field of investments and hedge funds, such as Onyx and Axentia. Yael Kochman, VP of Business Development, is a leader in the retail and fashion technology fields in Israel and has worked with many of the biggest brands, including Asos, Marks & Spencer, eBay, American Eagle, and more. Nicole Levitt, Sizer’s VP of Marketing, has previously held senior marketing positions at leading companies such as L’Oreal Global, Coca-Cola, and Soda Stream. Moti Gost, Technology VP, sold his former startup to SAP, and Andrei Rubenstein, the head scientist, is a leader in the world of Artificial intelligence and computer vision with experience in companies like Orbotech and Samsung.

The company received approximately NIS 1.5 million from the Innovation Authority, Blue Capital Fund, and other private investors who have invested in Sizer.

Sizer was a finalist in the Tech Rocketship Awards Israel 2022 competition and recently won the Best Innovation Technology Application Award by the World Professional Clothing Industry Association Ltd. PCIAW®.

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