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 The technology that is changing the world of measurements from a far, for ecommerce of clothing and uniform
Sizer is about to conquer the world of online measuring and shopping in a

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A Fantastic Changeover

Much like the digital camera changed the world, the Israeli company Sizer Technologies is completely  transforming the world of body measurement. While Sizer also operates in fashion and online shopping, its main focus is on the world’s global uniform industry. The numbers in this industry are quite unfathomable, with an annual turnover of 68 billion US dollars.

Companies spend millions of dollars on fitting uniforms for their employees. The process consumes time and human resources and even then, the rate of returns and replacement is high. Companies are spending fortunes on keeping huge stocks of uniforms to be able to fit all the different sizes and roles, and provide their employees with properly fitted outfits.

Sizer does all this with a click of a button. The technology takes body measurements with 97.5% accuracy (tailors do it with a 98% accuracy), and then it automatically sends the measurements to a unique dashboard customized for the client’s  needs, including the user’s details, her/his role and the type of uniform s/he needs.

Unrivaled Pioneer Taking Over the Industry

Sizer operates in two key areas: online fashion shopping (SizerMe) and the uniform industry (SizePro). With technological advancements and social distancing on the rise, these two market ends are growing steadily.

Sizer’s popularity is thriving as it corresponds directly with the online fashion shopping trend, which is gaining popularity. The body measurement service Sizer offers is so accurate it can help the fashion industry greatly reduce the rate of product returns due to inappropriate sizing – which comprises 69% of annual returns. 85% of survey responders estimated they would buy more online if they were sure the size would fit them.

At the same time, the fashion industry is saturated with players who are trying to come up with similar productsTherefore, the choice to focus specifically on the uniform industry – which remains completely open and unrivaled – is doing wonders for Sizer.


   Covid-19 Worked for the Company’s advantage

The Covid-19 pandemic only escalated Sizer’s development, with global giants seeking to be among its customers. With a solution like nothing the industry has seen so far, Sizer has already signed huge agreements that cost its customers less than a quarter of they have been spending so far.

Sizer eliminates the need for physical measurements of thousands of employees – a process which is impossible under the auspices of Covid-19, and which consumes a lot of the employee and measuring team’s time, costing the company huge amounts of money. Furthermore, every size change or recruitment of new personnel requires the retainment of a measuring team on a regular basis.

Sizer clearly makes this process much easier. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic was beneficial for Sizer, by rapidly exposing its perfect solution to giants in the uniform industry who hurried to engage the company in contracts. As a revolutionary and unrivaled pioneer, Sizer has changed the game entirely and is moving forward and upwards with little competition in sight.

It’s as easy as sending one email to thousands of employees with a link to download the app. All that  employees need to do is get measured scanned by the app, and the data is immediately sent to the client

Existing Customers

Sizer has signed contracts with global giants and is currently negotiating hefty agreements with other leading bodies. Some examples:

  • Alsco– Manufactures uniforms for restaurants, health organizations, the auto industry and heavy industries. It has 180 sites and 355,000 customers in 14 countries.
  • Alsico– This international uniform company employs 7,500 people and dresses 4 million people every year.
  • Hunter Apparel – A UK based uniform company specializing in police, firefighting and the health sector. The company won an NHS bid which employs nearly one million people.
  • A+ School Apparel – The biggest US school uniform manufacturer. Clothing around 850,000 students annually.
  • ABForm – A uniform manufacturing company in southern USA, specializing in uniforms for firefighters and ambulance teams.

75% cost reduction

Currently, SizerPro is charging companies at least 75% less than what they used to pay per user so far, while also shortening the process by 80% as compared to the standard today.

A simple calculation yields significant savings for large companies globally, who will undoubtedly prefer a cheaper and very accurate solution. Sizer is therefore stepping into an unrivaled arena, with an accurate and financially attractive product.

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Company Advantages:

  • Huge global market potential
  • A working technology, already sold to giants
  • A particularly profitable and proven business model
  • Seized a business momentum that propelled the compay’s activity and accelerated its development
  • Sizer’s level of accuracy and technology is unrivaled
  • In-depth familiarity with the uniform industry and the expected control of other processes in it


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Market Potential 

Sizer is already selling the product to global giants, such as airlines, hospitals, uniform manufacturers, security companies, food companies and factories. Since the global uniform market has an annual 68 billion US dollar turnaround,  taking the industry’s helms allows for tremendous market potential.

The Sizer name is already resonating around the world and the growing need to use its services due to current social distancing and the requirement to work as cleanly as possible, enables the company to grow at a very fast pace, much faster than originally projected.

In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the company’s growth, but, once the app and its success is exposed, this trend is likely to continue in the future. 

Once exposed to Sizer’s revolutionary solution and the fantastic savings on resources it provides companies in the uniform industry, they will not go back to using old and expensive methods.


Future development


The company is set to lead other processes in the uniform matching arena in the future.

Sizer’s goal is to streamline the measurement process and make it as easy as possible for companies to purchase, manufacture and supply exact size uniforms.

As a pioneer in the uniform industry, Sizer can delve deep into the market to get well acquainted with it and study its complex processes, to dominate the entire chain of activities.

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