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Takaro Tech has developed QNI – an end-to-end system consisting of interactive smart tiles, big data analytical system and management tools which revolutionize rehabilitation.

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A revolution in rehabilitation!

Rehabilitation is often  a long and tedious process, that requires perseveration in challenging tasks, involving tiring, repetitive boring tasks , of which there is no real interest. While the world of virtual games has advanced greatly, they are seldom incorporated into rehabilitation institutions due to discrepancy to patient and caregivers’ needs.today, most practices include throwing and catching a ball, walking on a beam, jumping into a hoop, and other low-tech low-motivating activities. This rehabilitation process has been going on in this manner for many decades – very far from the .technological world and the enormous benefits it brings

Takaro Tech has developed QNI – an end-to-end system consisting of interactive smart tiles, big data analytical system and management tools which revolutionize rehabilitation. QNI  enables  versatile pragmatic activities automatically adapted   to patient needs, rehabilitation programs and goals. The system uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data in order to promote the patient’s personal rehabilitation program while checking progress, adjusting the exercises to the patient, monitoring activity for the caregivers and recommending a rehabilitation program based on the information collected, while creating an elevating and motivating experience

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Better fitting of treatment to patient

The system collects the data in a completely anonymous manner, and complies with the applicable confidentiality regulations. In any treatment (at home or with the attending physician), patient’s progress will be recorded and analyzed, in order to adjust the treatment on a daily level, monitor his improvement and offer exercises at an appropriate level of difficulty.

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How does it Work?

In addition , a dedicated management tool kit supplies relevant reports, follow-up data, and in the future recommendation of treatments  through a sophisticated and very easy-to-operate dedicated App for the therapist.

The rehabilitation program App and management App are developed bottom-up with leading design partners, for optimal fitting to the needs of both therapists and patients.

The company made sure to register patents for the interactive tiles and the assembly of the product. In addition, they have registered patents for the protection of the operating system, which is simple, open and cheap. The result Ais a product with extremely high barriers to entry for competitors.

In the first phase, Takaro Tech’s system will work as a leisure-care product in seniors’ homes in order to motivate them, through play and social interaction, for movement and cognitive practice. Simultaneously, the system will be deployed in various departments in rehabilitative hospitals, where they can experience the product implementation and improve care. Next, rehabilitation patients and seniors will be able to purchase or lend the system for their private home, for continues rehabilitation processes, as well as playing with their family and friends.

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When can TakaroTech help?

The system is suitable for use in all ages and can support rehabilitation and improvement processe in multiple situations of: congenital disorders, injuries following accidents and falls, cerebral palsy, attention and concentration problems, improving memory processes, injuries after brain seizure, physical therapy or occupational therapy, weight loss processes  and other situations in which one’s physical or cognitive skills need to be improved.

Takaru Tech’s QNI system works on:

  • Improving balance.
  • Increasing range of motion and speed of movement.
  • Increasing prolonged standing ability.
  • Increasing the ability to work with two limbs at the same time – coordination.
  • Improving cognitive abilities (thinking, memory, speed, perception).
  • Improving the ability to work in parallel (multi-tasking) such as the combination of ​​motor and cognitive actions.
  • Improving the ability to concentrate
  • Busting self-confidence.
  • Teamwork

Enormous positive implications!

Company advantages

The fact that Takaro Tech’s platform is an open platform that comes with an easy and convenient interface (SDK) for writing game activities will allow the system to become at later stage, a leading game console for home use, and will position QNI as a desirable product among game console consumers, as well as an add-on for existing game console products. Furthermore, Takaro’s product will be used as part of exhibition attractions , museums and events.

Takaros’  future potential is unlimited. We expect QNI will become a leading product in huge markets, in addition to the leisure-care and rehabilitation markets.  The affordable price and the smart and simple open platform  – will

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