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For the first time in Israel, Together is enabling unique investment opportunities in private Unicorn companies that are
worth over 1 Billion dollars.

Type Stocks
Category Fintech
Minimum Investment 20,000$

Come join the big investors and invest in the leading Unicorn companies

As a modern and creative investment company, we are always on the look-out for new, promising and interesting investment channels. We are innovating once again! This time we are starting a fund that will enable  small private investors to get  into a sector that is otherwise impossible to penetrate.

To date, giant institutional and professional investors with millions of dollars available for expenditure had almost exclusive access to investment in large corporations, which are not traded on stock markets anywhere in the world. Our team at Together will unite with you and several small investors to mutually create a strong and significant investment body, through which we can join the world’s greatest investors in companies worth over a billion dollars.

What are Unicorns?

The current times make it possible for small start-up companies with a big idea to raise capital from angle investors and the public to advance and develop. This has opened the door to a new and engaging investment arena in companies, known as “Unicorns”. These are not magical flying horses but rather, technological giants worth over a billion dollars – already operating successfully with proven success, but without ever being offered on the world’s stock exchanges. The name Unicorns was aptly given to them because of their rarity and their unlikelihood to appear.

or the first time, the Together Unicorn Fund gives private investors in Israel the opportunity to invest in these privately owned technological giants, enabling them to freshen up their portfolio and be exposed to the Unicorn companies we have hand-picked carefully.

Now, small investors who have $30K or more available for growth, can invest in leading business giants, most of which are expected to make an exit by selling or offering shares in the years ahead. Investments in this new model are possible through micro-cap funds which make dedicated investments in selected private equity funds, with a different entry fee, varied shares dispersion and different expected fulfillment date for each portfolio.


Strong and Robust Companies

The first Unicorn Fund Together will open for public investment starting from $30K and will include between 3 and 5 companies that meet the criteria for unicorns, which are worth over a billion dollars each.

The unicorn companies will be hand-picked by a leading, professional investment committee which includes Israel’s finest high-tech, financial and investment executives. Any potential company which is a candidate for investment in a micro-cap fund will be presented to the investment committee, along with a professional analysis by top analysts.

Additionally, to minimize the risk and increase the chances, the micro-cap fund policy is to disperse the investment in several carefully selected unicorn companies and in a variety of categories. The micro-cap fund will be managed professionally by the managing partner and will include finding, examination, management, reporting and sending periodical reviews of the micro-cap fund to its partners.

Investment Benefits

The new Together Unicorn Fund provides small investors with an opportunity to enter a market only accessible so far to institutional bodies and the very wealthy.

  • A first-time opportunity in Israel to enter the Secondary Market with investments as low as $30K.
  • A unique investment model through micro-cap funds.
  • Careful selection of companies which includes screening based on worth, share entry fee, expected fulfillment date, business analysis and market sentiment evaluation.
  • Buying into companies only when a meaningful discount is offered on the final round.
  • An investment of approximately 2 million dollars in every micro-cap fund will be dispersed between 3 or 4 company types, to disperse the risk.
  • Opportunity for fast liquidity of the investment as a result of purchase or offering.

Liquidity Method

The Fund will include 3 to 5 shares in companies the Fund manager hand-picks, thereby ensuring a good dispersion that allows for risk control. The Unicorn Fund will be managed professionally by the manager, and include a comprehensive analysis of the companies and their worth, the purchasing share price offered to the Fund, and the future expectations, in order to select the best deal for the Fund.

Since the companies are all mature, it’s expected that turning the shares into cash will be fast, relative to young high-tech companies. When the company is purchased, merged or floated on the stock market, the asset will be liquidated by the Fund manager, who will regularly monitor the portfolio to maximize the return based on the capital value.

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