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In the realm of groundbreaking inventions, there emerges a game-changing innovation that marks the dawn of a new era. Presenting the smart robotic wheelchair, a remarkable creation that grants individuals paralyzed from the neck down the extraordinary ability of complete upright mobility. This cutting-edge technology ushers in a paradigm shift, empowering individuals with severe mobility limitations to regain independence and navigate the world on their terms. The smart robotic wheelchair represents a big leap forward, revolutionizing the lives of those previously confined by paralysis.

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The Story Behind the Product

After ReWalk, the solution that enabled paraplegic individuals to stand up and walk, the winning team at ReWalk Robotics does it again – enabling upright mobility to quadriplegic individuals.

The lives of millions are about to change thanks to this invention that will remove social barriers and allow eye level contact for the first time. Boosting self-esteem and general health, which is severely impaired due to extended sitting, and materially improving quality of life. And this is only the beginning: the revolutionary company intends to use the investment proceeds to continue developing more advanced models, with maneuvering capabilities that will afford access to difficult and more complicated places.

This is precisely the kind of company that has awarded us the title of Startup Nation, and this time you are among the lucky individuals to learn about this amazing invention before everyone else, and an opportunity to invest in the company just as it bursts into the market.

Do you want to invest in the future of humanity? The solution is right in front of you.

The Product

UPnRIDE is a smart robotic wheelchair, which for the first time ever allows complete upright mobility for individuals paralyzed from the neck down.

The chair is controlled by complex algorithms developed over a period of several years (registered patents), which create an automatic balancing system, allowing transition from sitting to standing at a push of a button, and unlimited mobility on inclines, slopes and other terrain.

Principal Features:

  • A system of belts and straps providing full and safe support for users without the ability to move
  • The automatic center of gravity balancing system guarantees continued stability even on slopes
  • Driven by sophisticated algorithms that minimize risks of dangerous situations
  • Thin and durable allowing easy maneuverability


  • Allows outdoor mobility – the automatic balancing system promises safe travel up and down slopes and on gradient surfaces. Capable also off-road and in less than optimal conditions.
  • Reduces medical costs – avoid medical treatment, medication, and physiotherapy required due to prolonged sitting.
  • Offers a comprehensive solution for quadriplegic individuals, paralyzed from the neck down, and to those suffering from limited mobility. Suitable for most wheelchair users.

The registered patents afford the company the ability to maintain its technological advantage for years to come, a fact that makes the company a “life changer” and presenting a once-in-a-life-time investment opportunity with significant financial potential.

Market and Potential

Target audience:

  • 1 out of 100 individuals in the western world is strapped to a wheelchair. We are talking about a population of approx. 70 million which continues to grow.
  • The company has a waiting list of 2,000 potential buyers for the product from around the world.
  • The chair attracts interest and amazement from all over the world, creating fascination in the fields of medicine, physiotherapy, and research, and is sought after by the U.S. Department of .Veterans Affairs

In addition, the product presents a solution for global problems shared by:

  • Insurance companies – life in a wheelchair is a source of consistent deterioration in the physical and mental condition of the disabled person, costing insurance companies up to 200,000 USD per year.
  • Governments – immobility caused by life in a wheelchair leads to unemployment and a significant loss of revenues in the economy of approx. 100,000 USD per year for each disabled person in a standard wheelchair.

Improving mobility options coupled with the ability to leave home in an upright position significantly improves both physical and mental health, boosts social and personal life and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for the disabled person, insurance companies and governments.

Alternatives and Competitors

The company has proprietary patented technology and intellectual property, after having advanced previously existing technology by several generations and exhibiting a significant leap forward. Currently, there are no other companies exhibiting similar capabilities.

Product Status and Forecast


The product itself is ready. The company is now engaged in sales and establishing a worldwide distribution network.

Simultaneously, the company continues investing efforts in research and development of its products, in order to remain on the cutting edge in its field.


The company is currently supplying samples of UPnRIDE chairs to the U.S. military who is showing great interest in the company as a good solution for its disabled veterans. This is a preliminary stage for gaining access to the U.S. market following FDA approval.

At the same time, the company is establishing a worldwide distribution network, having executed distribution agreements in the U.K. and Hong Kong and conducting advanced negotiations with other leading countries.

The company’s objective is listing on NASDAQ similar to the company’s previous solution – ReWalk. On top of the potential for profit, the product’s ability to change the lives of millions is a strong and stable anchor.

The forecast is for the product to quickly become a standard with disabled individuals around the world. Similar to when every disabled person had a wheelchair that has over the years evolved into a motorized chair.

Anticipated retail price for end users: approx. 30,000 USD.

A few words from the company’s founder, Dr. Amit Goffer

Imagine how difficult it is to be an adult seeing the world from the height of a six-year-old child. When the counter is always too high, when everyone looks down on you, even young people.

UPnRIDE is here to remind everyone that disabled people are right here with us at eye level. This is investable and natural evolution, leading to developing the perfect product.


What do sitting and smoking have in common? And why is it so important to stand up?

The idea for developing the product was triggered by the notion that sitting is the new smoking. Watch the following clip to understand a little more about this revelation:


The importance of movement is widely acknowledged. Extended sitting is related to poor metabolic health, heart disease, and high sugar and triglyceride levels. These variables accelerated the need to develop a revolutionary product to help disabled individuals improve their ability to move.

What is the product’s unique “organic marketing potential”?

There is a wide range of equipment and medical devices in various fields meant to provide solutions for various diseases and disabilities. One of the most significant advantages of UPnRIDE is that the chair will be visible on the street, at restaurants, at the grocery store or anywhere else you go. This exposure alone is the best kind of marketing: as soon as a disabled person or family member sees UPnRIDE for the first time, the image will be memorable and warrant an immediate recommendation to any other disabled person they know, exposing the innovative technology that will change their lives. Nothing can beat that!

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