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Invest wisely

Alongside experienced investors.

Open investment opportunities.

Closed investment opportunities (Some of the companies are still available for accredited investors)

How does Together work? How to invest?

  • Register //

    with the Together platform with no obligation and receive full access to a wide range of quality companies
  • Examine //

    The companies, the status of the investment, and the detailed materials attached
  • Choose //

    The winning company you will want to invest in
  • Decide //

    On the desired investment amount
  • Receive //

    Confirmation of successful completion of the campaign and conversion to shareholders in the company
  • Remain //

    Continuous contact with the company and the company's entrepreneurs through the platform

A few more reasons why you should invest with us

Together enables each and every one of you to acquire shares of Israeli high-tech ventures, along with leading and experienced investors.

  • A team of professional experts in finance, Hi-tech and Real estate.
  • The possibility of obtaining important information of company developments.
  • Invest wisely along sophisticated investors.
  • Diversify the investments in your portfolio to increase the chances of your financial success.
  • Together's team accompanies you along the entire journey.
  • A diversified portfolio including hi-tech and real estate investments.
  • Together will assist in selling your shares.
  • A variety of capital or debt investments.
  • Investing in Israel's high-tech successes.

Recommended by Entrepreneurs

“Like many startups and companies in Israel and abroad, we witnessed the investment revolution and could not remain indifferent to this incredible phenomenon… additionally, in light of the fact that we have already raised significant capital and are in a relatively advanced stage, it was important for us to proceed wisely and carefully. Precisely for this reason we chose to raise substantial capital through “Together” an investors’ club bringing to bear professionalism, an experienced team, and a broad network of quality investors. Even before the formal launch, the Together team introduced us to quality investors, some of whom were able to invest a considerable amount.”

To the excellent Team Together, you stunned us with a flash campaign!
$1.2 million in 3 weeks!
With gratitude and appreciation,

This is the third round in which we receive quality service that results in more than 3 times the recruitment amount set throughout the three engagements. Your activity, initiative, broad vision and hard work are the thanks to a highly professional team.
I want to thank you for the performance and the cooperation and for sure we'll get to round four.
Health and happiness.

Dear Together Team, Thank you for an amazing funds raising campaign! In less than a month, we managed to raise more than NIS 6 million.
Excited for the next round!
Thank you for the professionalism, accompaniment and for the quality investors.

I Recommend Together Investments for every stage of fund raising in your company - from the professional and creative team that quickly learned about the benefits of the company, the product and the market to the management that accompanies the entrepreneur’s shoulder to shoulder with sensitivity and availability, And to the extensive network of contacts that each member of the team has to help the process in an efficient and quality manner!
Thank you so much everyone!

Recommended by Investors

“As an investor, I found exactly what I was looking for on Together’s platform. Reliability, personal approach, efficiency, and most of all professionalism of the highest degree. The Together team has introduced me to the most interesting startupsin the venture capital industry, and I decided to diversify the investment and invest a significant amount in each one of them.
I highly recommend scheduling a meeting to see the impressive team and portfolio for yourselves.”

According to my worldview, business is ultimately done between human beings.
Therefore, I am always looking for the people I feel I can trust.
About two years ago I’ve met Togethers’ team by chance, and was very impressed with the people I met.
The proposed range of investments is also wide and spread over different and varied areas, which allows everyone to find the areas in which they believe.
Since then, I have made several investments through Together and I am very satisfied.
highly recommend!

I have already made several investments with Together and chose to invest in the company itself. The team is highly skillful, giving attentive and professional care to their investors, and I do not doubt that the company will succeed.
I have already reaped the benefits from some of the moves they’ve made for one of my investments, and I would recommend to anyone who wants to invest in Israeli high-tech to reach out to Together Investments.